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2016 Winter Student Program Registration

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Advanced Gen IV Reactors
Student Design Competition
Overview and Purpose of the 52 Reactors that were Built at INL–Panel
Current Issues in Computational Methods–Roundtable
Nuclear Safety R&D at the Department of Energy—I
Nuclear Science User Facility: University Capabilities–Panel
Reactor Physics: General—I
Reactor Analysis Methods—I
Computational Thermal Hydraulics
In Memory of Salomon Levy on His Technical Contributions to the Advancements of Thermal Hydraulics–Panel &Technical Achievement Award Lecture–Panel
Roles of Regulatory Organizations–Panel
Yucca Mountain—Is There a Pulse–Panel
Used Fuel: Once Through or Recycle—Who is Right?–Panel

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Intersection of Policy Development and Technical Innovation for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Security & Hybrid Energy Systems–Panel
Building a Nuclear Energy and Science Education Program: Successes and Challenges of Developing a Vision for Nuclear Energy Education–Panel
Novel Detection Methods & Accelerator Applications: General
Deterministic Transport Methods
Nuclear Safety R&D at the Department of Energy—II & Education, Training and Workforce Development
Advanced Manufacturing, Joining and Measurement Techniques & Nuclear Fuels and Materials: Modeling
Reactor Physics: General—II
Reactor Analysis Methods—II
Toward a Longer-Life Core: Thermal-Hydraulic Simulations and Experiments of Deformed Fuel Assemblies
Challenges in Computational Tools for Reactor Thermal Hydraulics–Panel
Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls: Instrumentation
International Activities on Used Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Regulatory Framework–Panel
Used Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Canister Inspection—I & Chemistry R&D in Radioactive Waste Management
Your Role in ANS National Committees–Panel & ANS Congressional Fellowship–Panel
Computational Tools for Radiation Protection and Shielding
Operations and Power: General—I
Challenges (Financial Challenge) with Current Operation Fleet–Panel
The Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation Program–Panel
Current Topics in Probabilistic Risk Analysis—I
Focus on Communications: Talking About Nuclear Waste—What Works and What Doesn’t—I–Panel & Focus on Communications: A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words—and People Pay Attention to Them—II–Panel
Reactor Physics: General—III & Reactor Analysis Methods—III
Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—I
Two-Phase Flows—I
General Thermal Hydraulics—I
Severe Accident Modeling and Experiments for Advanced Reactor Safety
Progress in DOE’s Fuel Cycle Technologies Program–Panel
Used Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Canister Inspection—II
Potent Policies: Understanding ANS Position Papers–Panel
Updates from Ongoing U.S. Nuclear Decommissioning Projects: An Executive Leadership–Panel
HTR-Fuel Design and Fabrication
HTR-Fluid Dynamics Methods and Codes—I
HTR-Nuclear Data and Uncertainty
HTR-National Research Programs and Industrial Projects—I
HTR-Safety and Fuel Qualification
HTR-Fluid Dynamics Methods and Codes—II
HTR-Pebble Dynamics
HTR-National Research Programs and Industrial Projects—II
HTR-Fuel Irradiation
HTR-Heat Transfer Methods and Codes—I
HTR-Safety and Licensing—I
HTR-Hydrogen Production—I
HTR-Fuel Postirradiation Examination
HTR-Heat Transfer Methods and Codes—II
HTR-Safety and Licensing—II
HTR-Hydrogen Production—II

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Advanced Reactors–Panel & New Nuclear Constructions Around the World—Status Report–Panel
Nuclear Politics: Advocacy–Panel & Knowledge Transfer and Retention–Panel
Emerging Issues in Supply Chain–Panel
Computational Methods
Current Topics in Probabilistic Risk Analysis—II
Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety–II
Reactor Physics: General—IV
Fast Reactors
Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis—I
Large Eddy Simulation and Direct Numerical Simulation
Experimental Thermal Hydraulics—I
Advanced Aqueous Fuel Cycles—International Perspectives–Panel
Transition to a New Fuel Cycle—Needs and Challenges
Proposal Writing 101–Panel
Radiation Protection and Shielding: General
Research by U.S. DOE NEUP-Sponsored Students—I
Monte Carlo Methods
Nuclear Installations Safety: General—I
Recent Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Technical Accomplishments
Recent Physics: General—V
Reactor Analysis Methods—IV
Uncertainty, Scaling and Global Sensitivity Methods in Thermal Hydraulics
Young Professional Thermal-Hydraulics Research Competition—I
Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls: Human Factors, Safety, and Safety Systems
Fuel Cycle and Waste Management: General—I
Advances in Technical Nuclear Forensics: Methods and Analysis—I & Robotics and Remote Systems Topics
ANS Standards and You–Panel & Cutting Edge Technology in Education, Training and Distance Education
Operations and Power: General—II
Research by U.S. DOE NEUP-Sponsored Students—II
Decommissioning and Environmental Sciences: General
Mathematical Modeling
Nuclear Installations Safety: General—II
Critical and Subcritical Experiments
Reactor Physics: General—VI
Nuclear Fuels and Materials: Fast Reactors and Accident Tolerant Fuel
Two-Phase Flows—II
Young Professional Thermal-Hydraulics Research Competition—II
Biology and Medicine: General
Recent Development in Material Accountancy Techniques for Pyroprocessing Facilities
Advances in Technical Nuclear Forensics: Methods and Analysis—II
Student Conference Proposal Writing–Panel
HTR-Fuel PIE and Safety Testing
HTR-Natural and Mixed Convection—I
HTR-Reactor Physics Methods and Codes
HTR-Progress in New Generation Reactor Designs
HTR-Irradiation TRISO Microanalysis and Silver Retention
HTR-Natural and Mixed Convection—II
HTR-Fuel/Core Design—I
HTR-Plant Dynamics and Control
HTR-Irradiation and PIE
HTR-Structural Methods and Codes
HTR-Fuel/Core Design—II
HTR-System and Facility Design—I
HTR-Fuel Modeling and Simulation
HTR-Vessel Cooling
HTR-Transient and Accident Analysis Methods and Codes
HTR-System and Facility Design—II

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards Program
NRC Decommissioning Rulemaking: An Update on the Progress and Issues Coming out of the Rulemaking Process–Panel
Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis
Nuclear Installations Safety: General—III
ANS-8 Standards Forum & The Impact of Chemistry in Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluations–Panel
Reactor Physics Design, Validation and Operational Experience—I
Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis—II & Thermal-Hydraulics of Severe Accidents
General Thermal Hydraulics—II
Experimental Thermal Hydraulics—II & Fusion Energy Technologies
Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls: Instrumentation and Control Systems
Fuel Cycle and Waste Management: General—II
Data Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—III
Reactor Physics Design, Validation and Operational Experience—II
Radiation Protection and Shielding–Roundtable
HTR-Thermal Hydraulics of Key Components—I
HTR-Industrial Process Heat
HTR-Safety and Licensing—III
HTR-Multiphysics Methods and Codes—I
HTR-System and Facility Design—III
HTR-Thermal Hydraulics of Key Components—II
HTR-Fission and Activation Product Transport
HTR-Multiphysics Methods and Codes—II
HTR-Economic Assessment

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