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Monday, November 9, 2015

International Perspective of Electrochemical Recycling–Panel
Current Issues in Computational Methods–Panel
Domestic New Nuclear Construction–Panel
Nuclear Techniques for Material Analysis
Special Panel Session—The Legacy of NCS Pioneer Joe Thomas
Continuing the Commitment to Ethics–Panel
Accident Tolerant Fuel
Two-Phase Flow
Focus on Communications: Communicating with Policy Makers–Panel & Focus on Communications: Meet the Media–Panel
Nuclear Fission: A. Reliable and Clean Energy Source, Essential to Sustainable Development and to Reducing GHG Emission–Panel
Reactor Physics Design, Validation, and Operating Experience—I
Compact Reactors for Terrestrial and Space Applications & Latest Advancements in Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
The 2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award Special Session–Panel

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Re-Establishing Plutonium-238 Production in the United States
Current Topics in Probabilistic Risk Analysis
Robotics and Remote Systems: General & Decommissioning and Environmental Sciences: General
Radiation Protection and Shielding: Computational Methods and Applications
Data Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety
Thermal Hydraulics Education–Panel
Nuclear Structural Materials
Thermal Hydraulics: General—I
Student Design Competition
All Energy–Forum
Reactor Physics Design, Validation, and Operating Experience—II
Advances in Fast Reactor Designs and Concepts
Nuclear Data Needs for National Security–Panel & University Consortia for Nuclear Nonproliferation for Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development–Panel
Collaborative R&D for Future Nuclear Energy–Panel
Nuclear Installations Safety: General
Decommissioning Regulatory Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants–Panel
Advances in Radiation Detection and Measurement
Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research—A Student Competition
Fusion Energy—Devices and Applications
Overview of National Lab Facilities for Radioactive Material Experimental Thermal Hydraulics—I
Education and Training: General—I
New Nuclear Construction Around the World—Status Report–Panel
Reactor Analysis Methods—I
Reactor Physics: General—I
Rationalizing Recycling in a Nonproliferation World: An ANS Public Policy Track–Panel
(AccApp) Accelerator Design & Technology—I
(AccApp) Materials Research with Accelerators—I
(AccApp) Accelerators for the Life Sciences—I
(AccApp) Accelerator Design & Technology—II
(AccApp) Materials Research with Accelerators—II
(AccApp) Accelerators for the Life Sciences—II

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Updates on Nuclear Waste Repository Projects
Progress in U.S. DOE’s Fuel Cycle R&D Program–Panel
Nuclear Politics: Perspectives from ANS Congressional Fellows and Nuclear Advocates–Panel & Student Conference Proposal Writing and Planning–Panel
Transport Methods: Monte Carlo and Radiative Transfer & Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis Methods
Recent Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Accomplishments (Dedicated to Adolf Garcia)
Radiation Protection and Shielding of Fusion and Fission Power Systems & Radiation Protection and Shielding–Roundtable
Nuclear Fuels, Performance Testing, and Disposition
Young Professional Thermal Hydraulics Research Competition & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) V&V
Patents for Nuclear Professionals–Panel & The Importance of Professional Engineering Licensure in the Nuclear Industry–Panel
Operations and Power: General
Reactor Analysis Methods—II
Reactor Physics: General—II
Proliferation Risk and Sustainability of Nuclear Energy Systems–Panel
Public Perception of Risk: Strategies to Address the “Perception Gap" with Nuclear Technologies–Panel
Integrated Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Analysis Capabilities—I
Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls: General
Transport Methods: Deterministic
NDA Issues Affecting Nuclear Criticality Safety–Panel
Thermal Hydraulic Challenges and Opportunities in the Licensing of Advanced Reactors–Panel
MOX Fabrication and Performance
Computational Thermal Hydraulics—I
Education and Training: General—II
Policy Issues for New Reactors, a Retrospective
Reactor Analysis Methods—III
Reactor Physics: General—III
An Overview of the 2015 NPT Review Conference—Considerations for the Next 5 Years–Panel & Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy: General
Recycle and Reuse of Used Nuclear Fuel Resources
Integrated Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Analysis Capabilities—II
Hot Topics and Emerging Issues: General
Computational Methods: General
Operator Interactions and Control Room Support Systems
Computational Tools for Radiation Protection and Shielding
Young Members Group: General
Computational Thermal Hydraulics—II
Kent W. Hamlin Memorial Session—Best of Conte 2015–Panel
Small Modular Reactors
Isotopes and Radiation: General
Nuclear Data Experiments, Evaluations, and Benchmarks
(AccApp) Accelerator Production of Radioisotopes—I
(AccApp) Accelerator Facilities—I
(AccApp) Accelerators for ADS—I
(AccApp) Accelerator Production of Radioisotopes—II
(AccApp) Accelerator Facilities—II
(AccApp) Accelerators for ADS—II

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fuel Cycle and Waste Management: General—I
Postdoctoral Experience at a National Laboratory: A Nuclear Engineering Perspective–Panel
Preparing for Safe Store Lessons Learned–Panel
Nuclear Power Plant Condition Monitoring
ANS-8 Standards–Forum
The MCNP Visual Editor (VisEd)–Tutorial
Transient Fuel Performance and Testing–Panel
Experimental Thermal Hydraulics—II
Research by U.S. DOE NEUP-Sponsored Students—I
Advanced/Gen-IV Reactors—I
Physics in Fusion and Sub-Critical Systems
Reactor Physics: General—IV
Fuel Cycle and Waste Management: General—II
Unstructured Mesh with MCNP–Tutorial
Thermal Hydraulics: General—II
Research by U.S. DOE NEUP-Sponsored Students—II
Advanced/Gen-IV Reactors—II
(AccApp) High-Power Accelerators and High-Power Spallation Targets—I
(AccApp) Accelerators for Monitoring the Environment—I
(AccApp) Nuclear Data—I
(AccApp) High-Power Accelerators and High-Power Spallation Targets—II
(AccApp) Materials Research with Accelerators—II
(AccApp) Nuclear Data—II

Friday, November 13, 2015

(AccApp) High-Power Accelerators and High-Power Spallation Targets—I
(AccApp) Accelerators for the Life Sciences—I
(AccApp) Industrial Applications—I
(AccApp) Accelerator Design & Technology—I
(AccApp) High-Power Accelerators and High-Power Spallation Targets—II
(AccApp) Accelerators for Monitoring the Environment—II
(AccApp) Industrial Applications—II
(AccApp) Accelerator Facilities—II

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